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ST1 Interview Course


"The radiology interviews course provides a clear and accurate breakdown of what to expect from the interview process with invaluable practice in a mock situation. The comprehensive handbook supplied provides a clear framework to tackle questioning through all four stations and is an invaluable resource in the run up to the interview. This is a must for all serious Radiology candidates." 



Objectives: Our course is designed with one main objective in mind, and that is that you arrive (digitally or not!) at your interview, confident that you could not be better prepared to undertake and succeed in what is arguably one of the most important steps in your medical career.

Contents: During the first part of the morning, we will provide you with the advanced interview techniques and advice on how to prepare for your remote interview.  This initial session is designed to provide you with some important background information, which will reinforce in your mind, that the daunting task of preparing for the interview is worth all the hard work required.

The core of the day will be spent concentrating on key topics, mapped to the person specification, and frequently asked at interview . Each of the lectures are up to date and closely mapped to information from the RCR and ORIEL, making our material relevant and up to date. Our aim is to familiarise you with the process, as well as providing you with the knowledge and strategies needed to score highly.

Our course is unique and historically always sells out. Unlike other courses, an extensive handbook will be sent to you prior to the day of the course, which includes:
• Extensive question database with example answers    
• Detailed breakdown common and important questions how to approach them
• Useful resources
• Dedicated e-mail address to answer any questions you may have before and after the course

Providing you with this unique resource before the course helps us ensure that you arrive with many of your questions and concerns already in mind. 

The radiology interview process is competitive and taxing, but it is fair and most importantly it has a very stable format which lends itself to thorough and focused preparation. We understand the anxiety associated with preparing for such an important interview and we feel confident that you will come away from our course confident that your chances of success have been significantly improved.

Course fee includes: course handbook and lecture printouts posted to you before the course date and dedicated email response service until your interview date.

Date: 2025 not yet released
09:30 - 17.30
Interactive live webinar

Terms and conditions:
Unlike some other courses, our cancellation policy is strict.  We send our course handbook and lecture slides to you in advance of the course date, and we will not issue any refunds after this under any circumstances.    Our popularity and excellent feedback despite our strict policy reflects the quality that we provide. 

No cancellations within 6 weeks of the course date (under any circumstances).  
For cancellations before 6 weeks there is a 10% administration fee, leaving a 90% refund. 

We cannot post material outside of the UK. No course material will be shared via PDF or other copyable electronic format under any circumstance.

Boring bits:


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