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Thanks for running the course and producing the book in particular, which was an enormous help. I read it cover to cover twice in the weeks leading up to the interview (obviously creating answers personal to me etc - otherwise one would easily look ridiculous). It definitely helped. I did extremely well in the ranking process and got my first choice job (UCL partners).

A well planned course which reflects attention to detail. Sam & Jay had undoubtedly prepared well for their radiology interviews and this course gives an accurate insight into the structure of radiology interviews as well as the preparation involved. It is a radiology centric course which makes it a must for FY2 who see radiology as their goal but have had limited exposure to imaging departments. But most importantly, friendly nature of both the course and the prompt email replies is hugely confidence boosting.
Dr RC ST3+

I got my first choice offer at Norwich. This is much better than I had expected considering I was interested only later in radiology! Thank you very very much for your help. It would simply not have been possible without your assistance. It is not an exaggeration to say that the biggest reason why I got the job was thanks to your course! 

I got my first preference and ranked 2nd overall! Thank you for all your help and support during the process

Many many thanks for your brilliant course. Without it, I would doubt that I would stand a chance in getting this job. I am saying this not because you are the organisers. I have been highly recommending your course without reservation to colleagues who are interested in applying to radiology even before the offers are released, and will continue to do so.
Dr OA ST3+

I got my ST1 job in Glasgow.  The interview course made all the difference - the ethics questions that came up were the same ones we practiced. Thanks for your help!

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